Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Overexerting oneself results in degeneration. The physical self holds strong akin a fort till the mental core collapses and crumbles into evaporative substances. An ugly void. A voiceless whisper.

Seriousness is unbecoming. An end in mind. But what is there in the end?

Sue Slyvester searches for the spark that ignites her passion. Albeit the cannons, who could blame her.

A holiday?
Fabulous clothes?
A slimmer physique?
A new goal?
A greater challenge?
An outrageous hobby?

Thank God for the people who still help carve smiles in my heart and crinkles the corners of my eyes. The feeling... is nice.

Though almost always there is never a logical explanation why.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peeks into your mind

Sometime ago saw my little sister writing about the mannerism of blog reflecting true personalities of its author.

Cant help but chuckle at my mundane thoughts since I started blogging.

Thought for a moment to erase any proof of my immaturity. Hmm.. Guess not.

We need to be reminded sometimes of our youth. Careless abandon.

Been reading. Dan Brown. Phillipa Gregory. Good stuff. :) I do miss my old self.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Light moments

There seem so rare. It's just been two real years of struggle in a reality that murks black and white. Rare moments where inspirational words appear reassures and keeps you strong.

The fear of being misunderstood or making mistakes. Does it make us any weaker or merely more human?

Success speaks of sacrifices and discipline. Or many errs with the faith of getting one right. Yet the true meaning of success is only understood by so few. The human self cannot help but falls an occasional victim to childish leisures and material beauty. Or should we indulge?

Is life but just a long revolutionary road of practiced rituals with a signal of or attaining Man defined perfections such as financial freedom? Yet after the self deprivation acts for perhaps a little more than half your lifetime, will you finally grasp the goal only to search for another?

Or is the one true most precious thing in life the meaning of your existence?To make change where it matters. To love those who need. To support those in struggles.

I would love to write again.....

Sunday, March 08, 2009

How much is enough?

Reading a book called...

The Paradox of Choice..Why MORE is LESS..

Decisions after decisions.

Choices and then...more choices.

The book says of how more options may prove to be detrimental. I looked into the mirror and wondered if I am a maximizer..or a satisficer.

A person who analyzes, researches, weighs options, ponders prior making decisions and then, ponder again if those decisions were the best ones.

Or a person who knows what they want and relishes in joy upon achieving it regardless of better opportunities posted in the future.


Results of survey show that, people who are well off enough to lead a comfortable life have almost similar levels of happiness to people who are extremely rich. Money counts. But when you have enough money to be happy, more money wont escalate the level of happiness. True? I dont know..cause I'm not very rich mar...

Reminded me of a chapter in Outliers - The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell ( which btw is a REALLY good book)

Chapter on "The Trouble With Geniuses, Part 1" makes one reevaluate the overrated hoo-hah on high IQ. Says here in the books...

A person with an IQ of 50 would not have the mental ability to attend regular school
A person with an IQ of 75 might not be able to master elementary subjects in regular school
A person with an IQ of 105 might not be able to accommodate academic curriculum in high school/ college
A person with an IQ of 115 might not be able to graduate from a 4 year accredited four year college

In short, to graduate and to have sufficient mental ability to obtain a degree and succeed, you need a minimal of an IQ of 115. Beyond that, other factors come into play to determine success! Right? Quote
A mature scientist with an adult IQ of 130 is as likely to win a Nobel Prize as one whose IQ is 180.

Hmm..is there always a certain benchmark? For humans will constantly hunger for more. When will it be enough for us? When should we stop running and chasing and start being happy?

I wonder.

On a lighter note. Caught up with darling Wei Li yesterday.... and did some shopping. Finally bought my skincare range. Yay!

Then little sisters wanted to go to Orchard again. Which is how I saw that

NINE WEST IS ON SALE! 50% off..with additional 10% with 2 item purchased.

So, I bought lor.

I need some nice shoes for work ma. :P

Monday, February 23, 2009

in the name of beauty

Was in the midst of clearing my beauty pot.You know how beauty products have a certain lifetime? Well, much of what i own is wayyyy past its " Baik Sebelum" date. I really need to put serious thought into replenishing these supplies.

Want list

1. Sunblock! Sunblock! Sunblock! ( Asians and fair skin)
2. Hair curlers ( Mine got lost in migration)
3. Good skin foundation? ( Recommendations?)
4. Pretty pink, lightweight blusher
5. Silky epilator ( Considering IPL.... what say you?)
6. Source for good skincare........... ( thinking of trying Kiehl's)

That's it...for now.... :P

Next, find budget.

Ohya... we went shopping... and got..






Friday, February 06, 2009



After all these years, I start to look back and wonder... has it always been me?

Clouded with bouts of overflowing confidence, have I always wallowed in self centeredness...

I've walked around in circles. Only to bump into yet another crossroad. One clouded with even more fog....

I'm confused.Emotionally drained.

Stay strong. For when the fog clears, you'll instinctively know the road to take.....

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More vain stuff....

Have not always been a vain VAIN girl. But.... recently am so happy with this shampoo that wanna share with the rest of the world.. heheh

A while back...when I'm in Penang, was really unhappy with my current hairstyle ( dont know why).

Then I got back and used my shampoo back in Sg. Suddenly, it's all shiny, natural and lovely again. The miracles a dollop of shampoo can do. :D

So please use ya. Guarantee as happy as me.

Cheers to beautiful hair.. *grin*